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Should You Add a Steam Room or Steam Shower to Your Home?

Steam showers have become a popular commodity in gyms, health clubs and spas for many centuries --even the ancient Romans enjoyed them. They have the capacity to thoroughly clean the pores and relax aching joints and tired muscles. Now steam showers are being manufactured to provide this pleasurable service in the comfort of your home. Manufacturers have produced a line of products from full steam shower cabins that can be installed into the bathroom to devices and stem machines that can be attached to your conventional shower type. These products can afford an unprecedented degree of luxury and comfort to our modern residential habitats. These are relatively new innovations on the market and many homeowners are not fully aware of what to look for when shopping for them.

Basics of Steam Showers

What is a steam shower exactly? In the case of your home unit, a steam shower would be a chamber fitted with an airtight door that can be filled with steam provided by a steam shower generator. The steam pump is a simple device that brings water to a boil and delivers it into the sealed chamber, because this chamber will be filled with hot vapor it must be made of a material that is resistant to these elements.  

Is a Steam Shower A Good Idea for Me?

  Buying a steam shower is not like buying a new dishwasher or stove. In addition to the cost of the product it will probably have to be installed by a professional. Additionally, you will have to be sure that the bathroom or whichever enclosure houses the steam shower is well suited to containing the exorbitant amounts of moisture and heat that will be emitted from the steam shower. Moisture can cause certain materials to react very poorly --property damage and serious health risks can result from mishandling of moisture. So, consider where you would like to have your steam shower installed with extreme prejudice. Finally, the steam shower comes with a caveat for certain people --pregnant women and those with diabetes should ask their doctors advice before using a steam shower. Very young children should never be permitted to use a steam shower.  

Considering Your Options

When you purchase a steam shower unit, you can buy it as a complete unit ready for installation or you can custom build you own steam shower enclosure and fit it with a steam generator. Your first decision will be whether to go with the prefabricated option or design one for yourself with the accommodations you have in your house. If you are going to take advantage of the accommodations your house offers and custom build your steam bath, you will then need to consider the type of steam generator you will need to fill the space with a comfortable amount of steam that is neither suffocating nor too sparse for effect.

Modular Steam Shower Units

The fastest way to have your steam shower up and working is to go with the modular option. These steam showers are equipped with all the trimmings including integral doors, ergonomically molded seats, multiple showerheads and steam vents plus special features for specific models. The average prices for these units run from $3,000 to $5,000. The materials of a steam shower are of easy to clean acrylic, the interior is designed to house the steam chamber and prevent the steam from escaping into the rest of the bathroom or house. The basic models are conveniently sized to fit the dimensions of an average sized bathroom. If you have a bathroom with a tub, replacing the tub for the steam shower can be done with no cost to free space. With the exception of a few more complex models, these can be installed fairly easily and hook up to the main plumbing. Because of their highly durable and sanitary construction modular steam showers don’t always fit seamlessly into any bathroom, as do the custom made a variety that take advantage of the tile or stone work already present to form a barrier against heat and moisture. There exist many attractive designs and models made from a number of reputable manufacturers, each with their very own special bells and whistles.  

Custom and Luxury Steam Showers

If you would like to have a steam shower that fits seamlessly into the decor of your bathroom you may consider going with a custom built chamber and a steam generator. What is a custom steam shower? It is any regular shower stall that has been built to contain steam in a way to be comfortable and pleasant and not allow it to escape into the house where it could damage the paint and wallpaper. This customized shower stall must then be fitted with an adequate steam generator to provide the effect. In comparison with purchasing a modular option the custom option my cost you more in the long run. Simply converting the shower stall into a suitable steam shower capsule may not be very expensive, but when you add the cost of a suitable steam proof doors, the cost and installation of the steam generator and the regulators and control panel the price can go up considerably.      

Choosing a Steam Generator

The device that powers the steam shower and really does the trick is the steam generator. This device must hook up to the water supply. Inside the steam generator is a stainless steel water container and a heating element to bring the water to boil. The steam is then released into the steam shower via various ducts. This steam generator can be as far as 25 feet from the steam shower and can therefore be hidden nicely beneath a vanity, in a crawlspace or the attic. The controls at the steam shower will control the performance of the generator . It is very important to match the size of a prospective steam shower to the capacity of steam output that a steam generator has. Some are equipped with a thermostat that diminishes the steam output once a predetermined temperature has been reached.

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7 Most Amazing Bathrooms Ever Built – #2 Is Our Favourite

You can get very creative with your bathroom designs. But some people have taken it to the level of art. Here are some great looking bathrooms that have ever been created. I’m sure you will be stunned!

Osprey Pavilion at Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, Australia: It has a hand-sculpted granite tub, that is set on top of limestone floor. When you are on the tub, you can view the beautiful coastal region of Kangaroo Island.


The Kingston Tree house, Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa: An open bathroom with glass walls and doors. It has wooden frames. You can view the wild life lying on your tub. What a wonderful inclusion of nature!EXPANDIBLE_Kingston_Main-l

Ritz Carlton Suite, Hong Kong: The bathroom has an oversized Jacuzzi. You can enjoy the city view while having a wonderful bathing experience. The suite has a magical view of the Hong Kong island and Victoria Harbour.10-hotel-suites-that-cost-more-than-your-carThe 'star bath' at the Sanctuary Baines’ Camp, Botswana: You will get the best bubble bath experience here under open sky and surrounded by lanterns. botswana_baines__camp_-_star_bedInfinity tub: The glamorous  £15,229 per night Penthouse suite bathroom at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris features a beautiful infinity-edge bath filled with jets 1412002141803_wps_47_FPO_PAR_339_jpgFour Seasons Hotel George V, Paris: The bathroom of the Penthouse suite can only fit the royals. It has marble from floor to ceiling. The huge bathroom is separated from the bedroom using a glass sliding door. It has an oversized walk-in shower and a huge bathtub. The bathtub has jet and colour therapy system. There is a beautiful sculpture in front.002870-04-poolAt Il Salviatino in Florence: The Affresco suite's has a freestanding stone bathtub. The tub has designs engraved. It is a great bathroom for art lovers.c9caea6c980ff3d05ee737914b7fc270